The Little G's Collection

Little, happy and full of love, The Little Gs are a set of nine playful illustrations, inspired by deities.

Introducing little G's...

A set of 9 colourful art prints, inspired by our fondest deities. Perfect for a nook, a playroom, or a studio, the Little Gs create an unmissable contemporary focal point for any home.

A little different to the rest, our Little Gs are lovingly drawn from simple shapes for your lovely home. An exercise in design restraint; the distinguishing features of each Little G have been reduced to the simplest components, whilst remaining recognisable. Our colourful Little Gs are printed on subtly textured paper, and have been designed as a set; they look best when placed together. We recommend them in sets of 3, 6 and 9. (However, they're lovely on their own too.)




Fine Art Print
230mm x 230mm
Printed on Rives Shetland Paper, 250gsm
Available individually or in sets of 3, 6 and 9
Open Edition

Current collection includes:

Lakshmi, Shiva, Krishna, Saraswati, Buddha, Kali Ma, Hanuman, Rama and Ganesh.

With more coming soon.


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